What can we offer?

There are many publishers out there, it’s a fact. So why we believe 11 bit studios publishing is different? Well, we are developers ourselves and you can imagine that changes a lot. In our early days we had many talks with publishers and that was a great lesson of how things shouldn’t have been done. We don’t repeat others mistakes, instead we learn from them. Another important thing is the fact, that we are truly independent. No hidden strings to big corporations or upper management who sees the world through excel sheet and columns.

We make games because we love doing that and that’s something we all have in common here. That’s also the reason, why we are looking for games to publish. There are many great titles out there, being developed by wonderful people, but sooner or later many of them face problems that can ruin the project. With our help, you can avoid that and together we can bring your game to life.

We will cover the costs of development, equipment, porting, localization and all other things you need. Just say it.
We know people and we'll make them hear about your game. Events, travels, trailers and other marketing assets - we take care of those.
We are developers ourselves, so we'll be happy to help you by giving insight from our team. It's always good to get a fresh look at things.
Releasing the game is not a piece of cake, but luckily for you, our producers take care of this. You won't have to worry about steam works, certifications and all that mumbo jumbo.
What are we looking for?

We are open minded – we look for different games from different genres.
Yet, we prefer to have less titles and really focus on them, instead of releasing 20 games each year, which means there are few traits we are particularly looking in potential titles:

  • We’re only interested in games that are innovative and creative. We want the games we publish to leave a mark, push the boundaries of game development and never be forgotten. We’re not afraid of crazy ideas nor difficult topics. What we’re afraid of are clones.
  • We like games that are well designed and written, running on top of a stable technology, presenting an interesting art and sound direction.
  • We’ve created our publishing program to support smart, creative teams working on their dream projects. We’re not interested in acquiring sole game ideas and we’re not interested in work for hire.
  • We like reading but some things are hard to explain using words this is why we strongly encourage you to submit ideas accompanied by early game prototypes and/or gameplay videos. In most cases we’re unable to commit to supporting a project that’s still in a very early concept phase.
  • We’re really good in publishing challenging games with a lot of depth. In most cases those are Premium Indie titles available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and mobiles. We’re not interested in Free to play, casual, browser or children games.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Core gameplay - a list of 3 to 5 core gameplay mechanisms available to your player.

What are the 5 features making your game unique in comparison to other games on the market and why are they unique?

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DISCLAIMER: Due to the big number of submissions, we may not be able to answer to all of them. Nevertheless we'll do everything we can, to do it. You can trust us on this!